Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 fun things to do with cookie cutters

Here's some fun things we found to do with cookie cutters - hope you'll share your ideas with us!

1) Make cookies of course!

2) Sandwich cut outs - Kids don't like the crust? Say sandwiches are boring? Fun shapes will get them eating

3) French toast shapes - cut out shapes before or after cooking. Use things like raisins, melons, grapes or whipped cream to decorate

4) Wiggly & giggly always puts smiles on kids faces. Make Jello in a shallow pan, when it sets cut out their favorite shapes - great for birthday parties

5) Play-Doh - get an extra set of your kids favorite shapes & let them use them to make Play-Doh characters

6) Glitter fun - trace the cookie cutter onto paper or fabric, squeeze glue over the outline & sprinkle with glitter - great for making homemade cards

7) Paper cut outs - trace onto paper, decorate, cut out & glue on paper to make a card, punch a hole & string ribbon or yarn through to make a gift tag

8) Fabric cut outs - trace onto fabric, cut out & sew onto pillows, blankets, shirts & skirts - decorate with buttons, bows & ribbons

9) Remember Shrinky Dinks? (ok maybe I'm dating myself) I found shrink film at, trace the cookie cutter onto the shrink film, use markers to color & decorate, cut out & bake! Great for making scrapbook embellishments.

10) Wall art - I'm not talented enough to draw freehand but I can trace. Trace the cookie cutter on the wall and paint; create a border, a scene or just random characters.

Have fun!

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